10 Los Islotes Panama FAQ’s

Over the past couple of days I’ve received several emails from individuals with questions regarding Los Islotes. Though I’ve answered their questions individually, I thought it’d be helpful to list the most frequently asked questions with answers as these may be some questions that you may have as well…

Below are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about Los Islotes:

1. Where is Los Islotes located?

Los Islotes is located on the western side of the Azuero Peninsula in the Veraguas province of Panama. The closest major city is Santiago which is a little over an hour away. Los Islotes is over five hours from Panama City. See Los Islotes on Google Maps here

2. What is the weather like at Los Islotes?

The sun shines year around in Panama. Although this is a tropical climate with high humidity, the temperatures vary according to location and altitude. On a typical day the temperatures range from 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the early morning to a maximum of 86 in the afternoon. The temperatures on the Pacific side of Panama, where Los Islotes is located, are lower than on the Caribbean and, typically, you will experience a nice cool breeze in the evening.

3. What will the monthly HOA fees be?

We are anticipating that the monthly HOA fees will be between US$150 and US$200. 

4. What is the timeframe to build your home should you buy a lot?

You will have three years to begin construction on your home from the time infrastructure (electricity, water, etc…) reaches your lot. There are exemptions in certain areas of the project like Mango Village.

5. How does the current 0% developer financing work?

The current developer financing that we offer is 20% down with the balance to be paid quarterly over 36 months. This financing offer ends tonight.

There is no financing available in the Mango Village section of Los Islotes but we are offering a 20% discount for buyers paying cash in full on any lot. This is the best cash discount we’ve offered and it ends tonight.

6. What is the estimated cost of construction per square meter?

The cost of construction per square meter will ultimately depend on your preferences. However, we estimate that construction costs will range from US$1,000 to US$1,500 per square meter (US$90 to US$140 per square foot).

7. Can I qualify for Panamanian residency or citizenship if I purchase a lot at Los Islotes?

After your lot has been paid in full and title has been received, your purchase would qualify you for residency. However, Panama has several residency options including the Friendly Nations Visa, which you can take advantage of if you are looking for residency in the short-term.

8. Will there be condos at Los Islotes?

We are currently working with an architect to get the preliminary condo plans finalized. Our plan is to launch the condos in early 2016.

9. Are the any beachfront lots available for purchase?

There are no beachfront lots available for purchase. The beachfront land has been reserved for future hotel, condos, and common areas. However, there are several lots available with spectacular ocean views.

10. How difficult is it to obtain medical care if needed?

At Los Islotes, we plan to have a small medical clinic on-site in the town center to take care of minor emergencies. Additionally, there is an international-standard, 300-bed hospital that has been recently remodeled and is about an hour away in Santiago.

If you have any additional questions or would like to take advantage of our current 0% interest financing offer before it expires, then get in touch with one of our sale consultants here

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