Announcing New Three Year Buyback Investor Opportunity

“What about investors?” my new Sales Director James Archer asked me earlier this week.

“I’m speaking with lots of people,” James continued. “Frankly, there’s enormous interest in Los Islotes right now. Most of the folks I’m speaking with are looking for their dream spot for retirement or a second home. And that’s great. We certainly can accommodate them.

“However, I’m also hearing from more and more people looking for opportunities to invest in Panama, people who aren’t would-be retirees but investors. They’re interested in Panama, and they’re interested in land. We’ve got some of the best land in this country. But right now we don’t have an offer that really makes sense for an investor.”

“OK,” I replied. “Let’s create one.”

One important difference between an investor and a retiree is an interest in building a house. A retiree buying a lot at Los Islotes may want to build a house as soon as possible. An investor, on the other hand, may not want to build one at all.

Our big-picture vision of Los Islotes is all about community. We aren’t developing a ghost town on the coast. We’re building a private community. This is why our purchase contract requires that people start building homes within three years of infrastructure being installed to their lots.

I do recognize, though, again, that this can conflict with an investor strategy. So, at James’ urging, I’ve decided to identify a small section of the property where we’re able to waive this build requirement.

Specifically, I’ve selected 8 lots in Mango Village that we are now making available to investors. I’ve chosen these 8 lots for this purpose because they are adjacent to an area of condo lots already identified in the Master Plan, meaning this isn’t a part of the property where people would be building houses anyway. These lots are at the end of the road, so to speak, and so won’t detract from the sense of community as the other Mango Village lots are built out.

In addition, for this offer, I wanted lots that work as manageable investment purchases. These lots, whose prices range from US$29,000 to US$44,500, qualify nicely.

As I said, investors in these lots will have no build requirement, meaning you could buy one and hold on to it while the value of everything around it appreciates…then resell when you’re ready.

In addition, to make this limited-time opportunity even more interesting to the would-be investor, I’ve agreed to James’ suggestion that these lots come with a Three Year Buyback Option that amounts to a guaranteed rate of return over that period.

That is, every investor in one of these lots will have the option to sell that lot back to Los Islotes at the end of three years for the purchase price plus 10% a year interest.

As an example, if you bought one of these investor lots for US$29,000, you could sell it back to the developer in three years for US $37,700. With no sales commissions.

You would not be obliged to sell your lot back to the developer. You could continue to hold it…you could choose to flip it on the open market…or you could exercise your Buyback Option. Completely up to you. Bottom line, though, investing in one of these lots means you’re guaranteed a 10% annual return for the next three years.

The lots available for this offer are Mango Village lots MV8 through MV11 and MV32 through MV35.

You are the first to learn of this opportunity. I’ll be announcing it to attendees at the Live and Invest Overseas Offshore Summit later this week. With only 8 lots available, we expect this special Investor Buyback Offer to be sold out very quickly.

If you’re interested in more information, please get in touch with James Archer at

Get in touch with one of our sales consultants here.

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