Announcing: Turn-Key Ocean-View Casas

Ocean-View Casas– Only 3 Available At This Preconstruction Price

As we wrote to alert you recently, we’ve just launched new turn-key Casas in our Mango Village neighborhood.

The response to this, the best and easiest option to date for becoming part of the Los Islotes community, has been enormous.

I’m writing today with news that’s one huge step better.

Many who’ve responded to express interest in our new turn-key Casas have asked the same question…

“These are great,” so many of you have written to say… “exactly what I’ve been waiting for…

“But could I have one of these turn-key Casas with an ocean view?”

Until today, the answer, unfortunately, has been no.

However, Lief Simon and Kathleen Peddicord spent time on the property last week with the specific objective of identifying lots where these new turn-key Casas could be built with views of the Pacific Ocean.

Their scouting paid off… times three.

Specifically, Lief and Kathleen have selected three prime ocean-view lots that are ideal locations for our new turn-key Casas.

Most of our best ocean-view lots are reserved for custom homes. However, again, Lief and Kathleen have agreed to allow turn-key Casas to be built on three beautiful lots with killer views.


Los Islotes at sunset

The three turn-key ocean-view Casas will sell in record time… I have no doubt of it. We have a long, long list of people waiting on the sidelines for specifically this opportunity.

If you’re one of those who has been biding your time for a chance to join the Los Islotes community without having to build a house of your own, this is it. Now you can own a charming two-bedroom, two-bath home with a view of the Pacific Ocean, built to the high Los Islotes standards, for only $350,000.

This is the pre-construction price. You will never again have a chance to purchase a turn-key ocean-view home at Los Islotes for this price. Furthermore, these houses will be worth considerably more than that when completed.

They’ll also make great rentals, and the demand for quality rentals in the Los Islotes area is heating up.

I can’t emphasize strongly enough what a limited-time opportunity this is. We will build only three of these turn-key Casas with ocean views… and we will make these three Casas available at this pre-construction price only up until the point when we break ground on them.

This will happen before the end of this month.

For more information, get in touch with me today to schedule a consultation. You can reach me by email here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Peg Fairbairn
For Los Islotes

P.S. One more time, here’s what’s on the table…

You have a chance right now to purchase a turn-key Casa built to the high Los Islotes standards on a large lot with a view of the Pacific Ocean for only $350,000.

This is the pre-construction price that is available until we break ground only. We intend to break ground on these Casas by the end of this month.

Only three of these ocean-view Casas are available at this price. When they are completed, they will be worth considerably more. These Casas are being built on neighboring lots to the lot where Lief and Kathleen have chosen to build their own house, currently under construction. Given the location and the discounted price of these homes, the market value upon completion is expected to be in the neighborhood of $450,000.

These three Casas will sell very quickly. Send me an email at this address now for more information.

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