Building A Community At Los Islotes

One of the topics discussed in the Listen to Los Islotes Q&A Call in June was community. For Kathleen and I, community is important to us at Los Islotes and we are committed to building relationships with our neighbors along the Azuero Sunset Coast.
On the call Kathleen said, “We want to be good neighbors… notice what we can do to help and then lend a hand… not in a big, aggressive, we-can-fix-everything kind of a way… but in a very low-key, organic kind of way.”
In fact, this statement summarizes exactly what we’re aiming to do here at Los Islotes with regard to community. Our project manager Gary Moseley and his wife Karen are heavily involved with the local community on a grass roots level. Los Islotes has sponsored two local schools in the neighboring towns. We are making connections, making friends, and making commitments to help the community in any way that we can.
For example, in June Los Islotes participated in the birthday celebration of the district of Mariato, one of the biggest community events in the area. Los Islotes was a special guest at the event with our logo prominently featured on the main stage banner.
It’s important that Los Islotes is participating in these type of community events. If nothing else, it creates goodwill for all Los Islotes stakeholders in the community.
Here are some pictures Gary sent from the Mariato birthday celebration in June:
You were recently invited to participate in the upcoming Discover Los Islotes Weekend Tour, scheduled for Aug. 28-31. This is your chance to learn more about the region surrounding the community, take in views from specific lots you may be interested in, and to experience the pleasures of this extraordinary property firsthand.
When I consult with individuals on purchasing real estate overseas, I always recommend that they get out there on the ground to see what they are buying. Los Islotes is my project, but it is no different.
If you are truly interested in purchasing a lot in Los Islotes, then this is a perfect opportunity to see it in person so that you can gather some intel and make an informed decision.
The cost of the tour is US$575 per couple and US$450 per person. The cost includes airport pickup and drop-off, transportation, accommodations, meals, activities, and taxes. Note that, should you invest, the cost of the tour will be deducted from the purchase price.
The deadline to register for the upcoming program is this Friday. If you are still interested in participating in the upcoming program, I encourage you to reserve your spot today here.
P.S. If you are unable to participate in the upcoming tour, don’t worry. There is another group tour scheduled in September. Go here for more details. 
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