First-Ever Commercial Lots Starting At Just US$33,000

Community and services are important parts of the long-term plan for Los Islotes. Shops, restaurants, even a hotel are on the drawing board. Indeed, our classic Spanish-colonial-style town has been designed and mapped out. However, this phase of development is little ways down the road.

With several houses already or almost under construction, though, we are ready now to begin thinking about services to offer for the initial community that is taking shape-a restaurant, for example, or a bar and a small shop. As we have more people visiting and building homes to live full- or part-time at Los Islotes, the market for these kinds of services is going to expand quickly.

To that end, we are releasing our first-ever commercial lot offering. We have chosen five lots in the Mango Village section of Phase One along the main road. This location means easy access for everyone in the community as they drive in or out. Further, these lots are flat and zoned for lot-line construction, allowing for very efficient use of the land.

These lots are separated from the residential lots in Mango Village by a tree-lined creek that creates a buffer for the lot owners on the other side and a natural green space that could be taken advantage of by someone interested in opening a bar or a restaurant.

Now we won’t need five restaurants anytime soon at Los Islotes. We could use one right now (I’d appreciate a new option for where to have lunch when I’m on-site, as would many others, I’m sure)…but not several right away. That’s why investors in these five commercial lots have no build requirement. We’re simply releasing these lots now so that any entrepreneur with an inkling of an idea for a business to open at Los Islotes can position himself in this prime spot and at today’s prices.

In fact, because these lots are part of Mango Village, they could also be put to residential use if you preferred-that is, you could build a house, rather than a small business. And, although these lots are zones and available for residential use, we’re offering them at current residential prices. Bottom line, these lots are priced at least 25% lower than they should be.

Prices start at just US$33,000 for the smallest of the five lots and go up to US$59,000 for lot #1, which is more than a third of an acre.

These lots are of greatest interest to an investor with a long-term plan. You could buy one and hold it for appreciation, which you’ll enjoy if for no other reason than the fact that they are underpriced by at least 25%…or you could buy now to ensure the best possible location of your future business at Los Islotes.

Maybe you’ll open a restaurant or a bar…or maybe a dive shop or a sea sport rental shop. We’ve got a killer surf break. Or maybe you’ll build a rental house. Again, the zoning in this part of Los Islotes and this part only allows for both commercial and residential construction.

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Hope to see you down here at Los Islotes sometime soon!

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