Groundbreaking At Los Islotes Heralds New Phase Of Development–Here’s Your Last Chance To Reserve Before The Price Hike

Last Friday, after last week’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference had concluded, I led a group of 30 buyers and potential buyers out to Los Islotes for a weekend at the beach and a tour of the property. For most of the group, it was their first time seeing Los Islotes in person; for me, it was my first visit of this New Year.

Our collective reaction? Wow.

Project Manager Gary Moseley and his crew hit the ground running this dry season. Since the first of the year, Gary and his team have been cutting roads, expanding access (both to the property and to the beach), digging trenches for underground cables, adding drainage, and constructing bridges. They’ve built an open-air bar and bar-b-que area so now visitors can enjoy meals and cocktails in comfort. And they’ve begun to clear building pads, because very soon we’ll break ground on the first houses on site. 2014 is going to be a very big year for Los Islotes.


Gary´s crew at work at Los Islotes.

Thanks to the new and improved access, our group was able to crisscross the property, on foot and in vehicles, and to walk both beaches. At low tide, some of us walked out to explore one of the islands just offshore that lend the property its name. After enjoying the natural treasures of the islets and the rock pools filled with exotic fish, we all headed back to the Rancho for lunch. It was one of the best days I’ve spent at Los Islotes to date, and I’d say that every visit from here on out is just going to get better and better.


Checking out the beach.

A few in our group had already made their investments in Los Islotes and were along to check on progress. Owners Peg and April, for example, last on the property before Phase 1 roads were in, were thrilled to be able to drive to their lots and discuss their building plans with local architects. Their vision for their future at Los Islotes is becoming reality. And so is ours.


Los Islotes buyers discussing their plans.

We will start construction of our Founder’s Lodge in February. This will be a Spanish colonial-style clubhouse for owners and visitors, with a great room, a dining room, four guest suites, a pool, and a bar-b-que area. In just a few weeks, Kathleen and I, along with our children and some friends, will gather with the local mayor, our architects, our contractor, Gary, and his crew to throw the first shovelfuls of dirt and to drink a toast to commemorate this turning point for Los Islotes.


Tour attendees learning more about the development.

Indeed, Los Islotes is entering a next phase of development. We have moved beyond drawings and plans to infrastructure and construction. Which means it’s time to raise prices.

All prices for ocean-view lots will go up starting March 15.

That’s why I’m contacting you today…to be sure you’re aware that you have a last chance to invest before the scheduled increase.

Reserve a lot before March 15, and you can lock in the current price. You’ll then have 30 days from the date of your reservation to visit the property if you’d like and to complete a purchase agreement. That timing works well if you plan to attend our next tour, which is scheduled for April 12-13.

Currently, lots are priced from US$70,000 to US$180,000. You can also still avail for a limited time of developer financing, which allows you to buy with 20% down and 0% interest, with the balance paid over 36 months.

If you’ve dreamt of waking up each morning to beautiful Pacific Ocean views enjoyed from the comfort of your own home in a private beach community, then Los Islotes is calling your name. And right now is your last chance to answer that call at current pricing.

In fewer than 35 days, all ocean-view lot prices will increase, by as much as 9%.

I urge you to get in touch now with Los Islotes Sales Director James Archer at for more information. James and his team are standing by to answer all your questions.

Get in touch with one of our sales consultants here.

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