Just One Month Later And Only One Commercial Lot Remains

A month ago we announced the release of our first-ever commercial lots. Since that announcement in September we have enjoyed a tremendous amount of interest. Many more of our “front line” ocean view lots have been sold or reserved, and, of the five lots we selected for the commercial offer, only one lot, MV18, remains.

One thing that we´ve learned this past month is that we have several entrepreneurial-minded individuals among our greater Los Islotes community, folks who want not only to reside in Los Islotes, but to do business in the community, as well. When we launched these first-ever commercial lots, we suggested commercial opportunities such as a restaurant, café, bar, or small shop. Friends of Los Islotes who’ve responded have had some excellent ideas of their own that we hadn’t even thought of, for example a landscape planning and design company.

The remaining commercial lot, MV18, which is a quarter of an acre, sits in the Mango Village section of Phase One along the main road and is easily accessible to everyone in the community as they drive in and out. Further, this lots is flat and zoned for lot-line construction, allowing for very efficient use of the land.

Though several houses are already under construction, we recognize that the commercial phase of Los Islotes is a little ways down the road. That´s why all commercial lots have no build requirement. We are releasing these lots now so that any entrepreneur with an inkling of an idea for a business to open at Los Islotes can position himself in a prime spot and at today´s prices.

In fact, because lot MV18 is part of Mango Village, it could also be put to residential use if you preferred—that is, you could build a house, rather than a small business, on this lot. And, although the lot is zoned and available for commercial use, it is being offered at current residential pricing. Essentially, this lot is priced at least 25% lower than it should be.

The price of lot MV18, which is the second largest of the five commercial lots offered, is just US$41,500.

This lot is ideal for an investor with a long-term plan. Buy now and position your future business in the best possible location at Los Islotes…or buy and hold for appreciation, which you´ll enjoy if for no other reason than the fact that the lot is underpriced by at least 25%.

To be clear, MV18 is the last commercial lot available in Mango Village. This is a unique opportunity, a commercial-use lot offered at residential prices with no build requirement.

I urge you, therefore, to get in touch with our Sales Consultant Louis O´Connor now for more information. You can reach Louis with your questions at louis@losislotes.com.

P.S. Nearly all spots for our upcoming property tour in November have been filled, but a few spots remain. To join the group and enjoy a firsthand look at Los Islotes, get in touch with my Marketing Assistant Omar Best at omar@losislotes.com.

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