AAA Path Of Progress Opportunity At Los Islotes–Last Chance

As an experienced real estate investor who has bought and sold property in 21 countries, one important thing I look at when deciding whether or not to invest in a market is the path of infrastructure and development progress.

With Panama’s current administration focused on the Azuero Sunset Coast for development and investment in tourism growth, small business growth, and the improvement of health and education services, this region gets AAA path-of-progress marks right now.

Los Islotes is positioned smack in the center of all this attention and all this investment and will benefit enormously.

A couple of months back we announced the release of our first-ever commercial lots. We selected five lots in the Mango Village section of Phase One along the main road and easily accessible to everyone in the community as they drive in and out. Of the five lots we selected for this limited-time commercial offer, three were sold and two reserved in short order.

One of those final two reserved commercial lots has become available again. One individual who reserved decided to go with a residential lot instead after visiting the property. His change of plans is your opportunity. We had tremendous interest in these five commercial lots at the time, but only the limited inventory. If you weren’t able to get in on this offer originally, here’s your second chance.

The remaining commercial lot, which sits on the corner along the main road and the second entrance into Mango Village, is just about a quarter of an acre. Further, the lot is flat and zoned for lot-line construction, allowing for very efficient use of the land.

Though several houses are under construction, we recognize that the commercial phase of Los Islotes is a little ways down the road. This is why all the commercial lots have no build requirement. We have released these lots so that any entrepreneur with an inkling of an idea for a business to open at Los Islotes can position himself in a prime spot and at today’s prices.

In fact, because the lot is part of Mango Village, it could also be put to residential use if you preferred-that is, you could build a house, rather than a small business, on this lot. And, although the lot is zoned and available for commercial use, it is being offered at current residential pricing. Essentially, this lot is priced at least 25% cheaper than it should be.

The price of the lot, which is one of the largest of the five commercial lots offered, is just US$41,500.

This lot is ideal for an investor with a long-term plan. Buy now and position your future business in the best possible location at Los Islotes… or buy and hold for appreciation, which you’ll enjoy if for no other reason than the fact that the lot is underpriced by at least 25%.

To be clear, this is the last commercial lot available in Mango Village and one of the few chances you will see to invest in a commercial-use lot at residential prices with no build requirement.

I urge you, therefore, to get in touch with our Sales Consultant James Archer. You can reach him with your questions at

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