Town Life

town_3_1200Nestled in a valley between  the ocean-view neighborhoods of our community, Los Islotes Town provides the focal point and gathering place for daily life. We’re building a real town, in the Spanish colonial style, with a church building, a plaza, and an open-air market, where neighbors from the surrounding countryside can bring fruits, vegetables, and artisan products to sell, plus groceries, drugstores, and retail shops to supply your day-to-day needs. We have planned galleries, cafés, restaurants, and bars where you can meet friends for coffee or a glass of wine, a casual meal, or an evening of fine dining and good company.

Los Islotes is the first luxury development on the Azuero Sunset Coast…but it won’t be the last. Our residents seek a life of peace and security, but not isolation. So while our residential neighborhoods are gated for privacy and security, Los Islotes Town will be a true town, not an artificial replica, open to residents from throughout the area, as well as visitors.

Wondering how can you participate in town life? We have a few suggestions…

Start a Business

Just because you plan your retirement in Panama, doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of ways to keep busy!

Some future residents plan to work part time for their previous employers, others will offer services over the internet to clients outside Panama.

For many, however, this is neither possible nor desirable.

Still, we envisage a large number of opportunities for those who have the skills and the motivation to start their own business.   We are building a community, and our town will be open to the public.  We need all the services that the Los Islotes and broader community will require.

Organic Farm

Los Islotes has an idea to create an organic farm in the area, including an orchard and nursery.  The farm will need volunteers to create a closed loop organic environment. We will also need skilled individuals to help create and manage the farm. There will likely be many opportunities to add value to the base produce from the farm.

Community Engagement

We have already seen expats in the area working very successfully with the local community. There are a broad range of opportunities to engage and be of assistance.

Get in touch with someone from our Los Islotes team here.