Releasing Now: First-Ever Ocean-View Condos At Los Islotes

June 21, 2016


Dear Amigo of Los Islotes,

About 20 of us sat around the tables of the open-air “rancho on the hill,” as we call it, sipping Panama beers and Abuelo rum and Cokes and staring out at the crashing surf and the three little islands just offshore that give their name to my Los Islotes development project on Panama’s western Azuero coast.

Lief and Kathleen (right) chatting with Alonso and Allan at Rancho Vista

Lief and Kathleen (right) chatting with Alonso and Allan at Rancho Vista

Lief and Kathleen (right) chatting with Alonso and Allan at Rancho Vista

The scene was mesmerizing, and the bunch of us sat in silence for a bit. Finally, Allan spoke up.

Allan is our on-site project foreman. He’s Panamanian but lived and worked in California for years. He’s also a diver and a fisherman and used to lead tours in Panama. He knows his country’s coast, and when he spoke it was from the perspective of a local.

“Did I ever tell you,” he started, “that I knew this property years before coming to work here?

“But I knew it from the ocean. I used to take divers and fishermen to that spot just over there,” Allan pointed to the left of the little islands.

“I was here all the time, because those waters out there are some of the best in the country for both diving and fishing. I can remember sitting out there in a boat looking back at this countryside. From the water, it looked spectacular.

“Now that I’m working here, driving and hiking up and down these hillsides every day, I’m realizing that this land is even more beautiful than I thought back then.”

The contractor who is building houses and about to break ground on our beachside village is Costa Rican. Alonso lives in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where he is also building houses and developing property. He, like Allan, has seen a fair amount of coastline in this part of the world.

Alonso nodded his head as Allan spoke.

“Yes,” he said, “this is a special place. Every time I’m out here, I feel myself drawn in. Once I’m here, I don’t want to leave. I have to say,” Alonso continued, “I prefer being here to being back home in Guanacaste…”

Others with us for our long weekend at the Los Islotes beach included other Panamanians and expats from four countries. Each had a unique take on why Los Islotes feels so special, but we all agreed in the end that it comes down to two things primarily-the views and the tranquility.

What we’re building out at Los Islotes is about beauty, community, legacy, and privacy.

Getting to the point where we could spend the weekend at the property with 20 or so friends, colleagues, and co-workers hasn’t been easy and has taken several years.

We’ve endeavored to do everything by the book as we’ve worked to launch development at Los Islotes. That has meant endless delays and bureaucracy. We don’t pay bribes… which has meant more delays and more bureaucracy…

Now that the bulk of the behind-the-scenes paperwork, design work, and permitting has been completed, construction has begun. The first two houses, including our Founder’s Lodge, are under way and will be finished this year. Three more houses will be started shortly.

Our new Rancho Playa (the counterpart to our rancho on the hill) will be available for use by guests by the end of the summer.

Part of the weekend was spent walking the property with Alonso and his man Angel, determining the views from various lots and considering the types of houses that might best be built on each of them.

It’s impossible to do the property justice or to describe the views and how they change depending on which way you turn and where you stand on any particular lot.

The swim beach at sunset

The swim beach at sunset

Most lots at Los Islotes are big compared with lots in other coastal projects, both here in Panama and in Costa Rica and elsewhere. Stand in one spot, and you get one view. Move over just a few feet, and the view changes. Turn you head 10 degrees, and the view changes again…

One specific agenda for this weekend’s visit (in addition to enjoying some down time with the team we’ve put together out there) was to finalize plans for our first ocean-view condos. Alonso, Allan, Kathleen, and I spent a lot of time walking the piece of land that has been set aside for these. We want to position the condo building so as to exploit the best possible ocean views from every angle.

This is an important milestone for Los Islotes, one that Kathleen and I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Our first ocean-view condo building will include 12 units, 6 large one-bedrooms (84 square meters) and 6 two-bedrooms of 136 square meters. Each condo has its own terrace where you can take in the views along with the ocean breezes.

In the building’s central courtyard, you’ll be able to sit and watch the sunset with your neighbors.

We’ll begin marketing these new ocean-view condos in earnest within the next two weeks. I thought I’d give our Los Islotes friends first dibs.

If you’d like to become part of what we’re building at Los Islotes, this is your best chance. Pre-construction pricing has the one-bedroom ocean-view condos available from US$179,000; the two-bedrooms start at US$279,000… again, that’s pre-construction.

Prices will go up as soon as Alonso breaks ground.

Get in touch here for more information.

Lief Signature




Lief Simon


Cabo Times Ten

New Turnkey Casas Are Your Best Option For Joining The Los Islotes Community 

One of the first buyers at Los Islotes, the beachfront community Lief and I are developing on Panama’s Azuero Sunset Coast, was a man named John.

John had two children and a long-term girlfriend, but he came down to visit the property on his own.

John was in his early 70s. Los Islotes was just getting started.

John recognized that the realization of the Los Islotes vision was sometime down the line, but he wasn’t bothered by that. John was wise enough to embrace the long-term opportunity in front of him.

When John returned home and told his family about his investment, they reacted the way families can-with concern. What had John gotten himself into, they wondered.

John’s son-in-law decided to come see for himself. As he admits today, Bruce made that follow-up trip to Los Islotes with the intention of confirming that his father-in-law was being bamboozled and to get his wife’s dad’s money back.

As I said, these were early days at Los Islotes. There were a few basic roads but no other infrastructure or construction. Bruce made the journey from Panama City out to Los Islotes, followed the road up to one of the property’s many peaks, then he stood looking out at the crashing Pacific surf below, the long stretch of coastline, and the rolling hills all around.

Bruce was quiet for a minute, then he turned to Peg, his guide for the day, and said:

“Wow. I guess John knew what he was doing after all. This is Cabo times 10.”

John and Bruce appreciated special when they saw it.

That’s one of the key parts of the Los Islotes vision-extraordinary, unspoiled, pristine natural beauty.

Another key part of the Los Islotes vision is community.

On these beautiful rolling hills with such jaw-dropping views of the Pacific Ocean at nearly every turn, Lief and I have worked with top-tier talent from the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, and beyond to master plan a private, gated, residential community that will include a small Spanish colonial-style town with cobblestoned courtyards and shaded plazas, secret gardens and fountains… plus restaurants, shops, townhouses, and apartments.

Up and down the hillsides behind the ocean and alongside the town we’re building custom houses positioned to take advantage of the ocean views and to showcase the best of classic Mediterranean design. From above, the community will be a sea of red clay-tiled roofs, up close a testament to the skill of our craftsmen.

Attention to detail is paramount… gates of thick wood carved by hand, railings iron and ornate… windows with deep sills and shutters, oversized wooden doors adorned with heavy iron hardware…

Inside, high ceilings and elaborate moldings, plus things like pocket doors and caned archways, polished stone countertops and colorful hand-painted tiles laid out in traditional patterns… outside, white-stone terraces surrounding infinity pools running over, it appears, into that beautiful ocean that’s always just beyond.

Los Islotes will be the preeminent private residential community not only on this coast but in all Panama. Nothing else in the country compares.

Announcing Los Islotes’ First Turnkey Casas

And now Los Islotes is offering its first ready-built houses… because we understand that not everyone is up for building their own house in another country. If we’re going to realize the Los Islotes community we’ve long envisioned, we’re going to have to make it easy for those who share our vision to get on board.

So we’ve enlisted help from the primary builder for one of the showpiece communities on Costa Rica’s Guanacaste coast. This has been something of a coup, getting the attention of this guy whose showcase houses are among the most impressive we’ve seen anywhere.

With his help, we’re building turnkey two-bedroom, two-bath houses in Mango Village, a charming Los Islotes neighborhood with a creek running through and nature on three sides. Massive mango trees in the center lend their name to the community as well as shade.

Most of the Mango Village lots have been sold. We’ve decided to reserve five that remain for Los Islotes’ first turnkey “Casas.”

These houses, like everything on the property, will reflect the overall Los Islotes vision. They’ve been designed in the Spanish-colonial style and feature archways, clay barrel-tiled roofs, and, in one of the two models, a small courtyard.

Mango Village Casa owners will have a clubhouse and pool as part of their private neighborhood, plus a central park area defined by those massive mango trees and direct access to the estuary where you can launch kayaks and small boats.

And, of course, Mango Village owners will also have full access to all other Los Islotes amenities, including the beach club, an equestrian center, tennis courts, and an area for playing petanque (a personal favorite).

These two-bedroom houses are ideal for full-time living or part-time second homes at the beach you can enjoy with friends and family. They’re also great rentals, and, right now, there is a serious undersupply of quality rentals in the area.

Our new Los Islotes Casas are priced from US$235,000.

We at Los Islotes value beauty, history, and tradition. We also prize privacy, security, freedom, independence, and elbow room.

And, yes, we like to be comfortable.

If these ideas appeal to you, as well, we invite you to join us.

You can get in touch here to schedule a personal consultation with a member of our Los Islotes team.


Kathie Sig

Kathleen Peddicord

P.S. Lief and I could have made this investment and this commitment anywhere. We chose to make it on the Pacific coast of Panama not only for the beauty of the setting but also because we believe Panama offers the safest haven imaginable in today’s world. This is a peaceful, stable, welcoming country that continues to prosper and grow, tumult and uncertainty in the rest of the world notwithstanding and not relevant.

With nearly two decades of experience on the ground-living, investing, and doing business here-Lief and I know Panama, and we are more bullish on all she has to offer today than ever. The many benefits of being based in Panama include currency, business, and tax advantages the likes of which are harder and harder to find in our world.

Centuries ago, early explorers to Panama’s shores brought with them their Spanish culture and heritage. Panama today is a melting pot of people from all over the world, a land of promise and opportunity where the past is respected and the future bright.

This is your chance to take a position in safe-haven Panama while also securing your place in the country’s premier coastal community.


Take A Look At Los Islotes From A Bird’s Eye View

When our team speaks with people who have expressed interest in specific lots in Los Islotes, the question that often arises is, “Do you have pictures of the lot?”

Our team is on the ground at Los Islotes for private and group tours all the time, so they can describe the property and specific lots in great detail.

Still, as someone once famously said, a picture is worth 1,000 words. That is, if you want to know what Los Islotes looks like, you need to see it for yourself. Short of making the trip to visit the property firsthand (which we very much hope you’ll do soon!), a picture is what you need to understand what’s going on down here on this beautiful Pacific coastline.

To that end, we hired a professional photographer to take photos of specific lots, areas, and views throughout Los Islotes. In fact, the photographer was able to capture aerial photos (and video) using a drone.

We are in the process of adding these photos to the website, and we’re using them to create a virtual lot map that will make it possible for you to click on any particular available lot and see what the view would be like, were that lot your new home, from your pool terrace or bedroom balcony. As this work continues, I’m writing today to give you a sneak peak of some of the photos and video footage our photographer has taken.

To see some of the photos and video go here now.

The road leading to Los Islotes.

The road leading to Los Islotes.


Surfer enjoying the beach at Los Islotes.

Surfer enjoying the beach at Los Islotes.


Surfer enjoying the beach at Los Islotes.

Surfer enjoying the beach at Los Islotes.

Lastly, I wanted to alert you to our upcoming tour taking place in just a couple of weeks. This time of year is the best time to visit Panama. The weather is pleasant and the breezes are flowing. Plus, everything is green, lush, and blooming, thanks to the recent rains.

Here is what you need to know about this upcoming “Discover Los Islotes Weekend” tour:

The tour is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 14, through Wednesday, Feb. 17.

Tour participants will stay overnight Sunday at Panama City’s Hilton Garden Inn. Monday around noon, everyone will meet in the lobby of the hotel to depart for Santiago. In Santiago we will check in to the comfortable Mykonos Hotel, have dinner, and relax.

Tuesday morning, we will have breakfast together at Mykonos, then head for Los Islotes to tour the property. Around noon, after visiting both beaches and individual lots in key spots across the property, we will have lunch at the Los Islotes Rancho. After our full day on site, we will return to Mykonos in time for dinner.

Wednesday morning, we’ll meet in the lobby of Mykonos for the return to Panama City.

The cost of the tour is US$450 per person, or US$575 per couple. This includes transportation, accommodation for three nights, all meals, activities, and taxes. Note that, should you choose to invest in Los Islotes, the cost of the tour will be deducted from your purchase price.

As you know, I always recommend getting out there on the ground to see what you are buying firsthand before making any overseas property purchase. Los Islotes is my project, but it is no different.

If you are truly interested in purchasing a lot in Los Islotes, this is a perfect opportunity to see the property in person so that you can gather intel and make an informed decision.

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming program, then I would encourage you to reserve your spot today, here. We will keep this a very small group.

For more information and to make your reservation, go here now.

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Lief Simon

Developer – Los Islotes

Building A Community At Los Islotes

One of the topics discussed in the Listen to Los Islotes Q&A Call in June was community. For Kathleen and I, community is important to us at Los Islotes and we are committed to building relationships with our neighbors along the Azuero Sunset Coast.
On the call Kathleen said, “We want to be good neighbors… notice what we can do to help and then lend a hand… not in a big, aggressive, we-can-fix-everything kind of a way… but in a very low-key, organic kind of way.”
In fact, this statement summarizes exactly what we’re aiming to do here at Los Islotes with regard to community. Our project manager Gary Moseley and his wife Karen are heavily involved with the local community on a grass roots level. Los Islotes has sponsored two local schools in the neighboring towns. We are making connections, making friends, and making commitments to help the community in any way that we can.
For example, in June Los Islotes participated in the birthday celebration of the district of Mariato, one of the biggest community events in the area. Los Islotes was a special guest at the event with our logo prominently featured on the main stage banner.
It’s important that Los Islotes is participating in these type of community events. If nothing else, it creates goodwill for all Los Islotes stakeholders in the community.
Here are some pictures Gary sent from the Mariato birthday celebration in June:
You were recently invited to participate in the upcoming Discover Los Islotes Weekend Tour, scheduled for Aug. 28-31. This is your chance to learn more about the region surrounding the community, take in views from specific lots you may be interested in, and to experience the pleasures of this extraordinary property firsthand.
When I consult with individuals on purchasing real estate overseas, I always recommend that they get out there on the ground to see what they are buying. Los Islotes is my project, but it is no different.
If you are truly interested in purchasing a lot in Los Islotes, then this is a perfect opportunity to see it in person so that you can gather some intel and make an informed decision.
The cost of the tour is US$575 per couple and US$450 per person. The cost includes airport pickup and drop-off, transportation, accommodations, meals, activities, and taxes. Note that, should you invest, the cost of the tour will be deducted from the purchase price.
The deadline to register for the upcoming program is this Friday. If you are still interested in participating in the upcoming program, I encourage you to reserve your spot today here.
P.S. If you are unable to participate in the upcoming tour, don’t worry. There is another group tour scheduled in September. Go here for more details. 

From Austin,Texas, to Los Islotes, Panama

Earlier this year, during our Live and Invest Overseas Panama Conference, I was able to listen in on one of the Panama expat presentations. These presentations are great because they give conference attendees valuable, up-to-date, and actionable tips from individuals who are actually on the ground, living the expat life. This presentation in particular featured Los Islotes lot owners, Peg Fairbairn and April Hess, who talked about their journey from Austin, Texas, to Panama. I found their story quite interesting, specifically the part about how they learned about Los Islotes, which was new to me.

Learning About Living Overseas And Why Panama

Their story starts when they were at a neighborhood party. A friend of theirs had just gotten back from Uruguay, and he was talking about his visit to a waterfront community there for expats. They were puzzled by the term “expats” as they’d never heard of the word. So, the next day Peg got on the computer and started researching the idea. Eventually, she stumbled on an article written by Kathleen and saw an ad for her book “How To Retire Overseas.”

“Twenty minutes later, I was in line at Barnes and Noble buying the book,” Peg stated.

At this point, for them, the idea of retiring to another country seemed doable. However, the trouble was that they had no idea where to go. They knew they needed someplace cheap because they were on a small, fixed income. Safety was also important as these are two women living on their own. Further, they also wanted good health care and easy access to the States for visits with family.

After researching several potential retirement destinations, Panama, Costa Rica, and Uruguay got their attention. Ultimately, they decided that Uruguay was too far and Costa Rica was too expensive. So they focused on Panama.

Deciding To Purchase At Los Islotes

At that time, April was still working, but Peg was retired and spent all her time researching Panama. She was able to find two development projects in Pedasí. She contacted both of the developers and started conversations. Peg explained that one of the developers had even convinced her to send money down without seeing the property. April, however, strongly objected to that notion, stating, “We’re not buying anything until we’ve seen it first!”

The next day, Peg was back online. This time she found the Live and Invest Overseas website and a link to the Los Islotes project. After learning more about the project, they decided to participate in the upcoming excursion tour that we were offering at the time. However, they agreed to leave the checkbook at home.

Reminiscing on their first time visiting the property back in February 2011, Peg described the property as simply jungle. At that time, as there were no roads, they hiked the property with machetes in hand. Even though there was nothing there yet, they loved it. “It was amazingly beautiful and we were sold,” Peg stated.

Peg and April decided to purchase lot 68 on the spot. Since they did not have their checkbook, they used Paypal to make their first payment.

Cross-Country U.S. Adventure–Driving Coast To Coast

After their purchase, they went back home and told their families what they’d just done, and their families all thought they’d lost their minds. “The enormity of what we’d set in motion began to settle,” April recalled. They had both lived in the United States for their wholes lives and now they were leaving.

Despite living in the United States their whole lives, neither of them had seen more than a handful of states. With this in mind, they decided to tour their home country before moving to a new one. So they bought a fifth-wheel RV and drove from coast to coast, seeing almost every state.

08 Sunibat

The fifth-wheel RV that Peg and April bought for their cross-country trip.

The trip was quite the adventure. During the cross-country voyage, they experienced three flat tires, got rammed on the highway, and were stranded in Massachusetts for six weeks. “One morning, we work up and a tire was gone. We still don’t know where it went,” Peg added.

Despite all of the issues on their trip, Peg and April both agreed that it was great preparation for their move to Panama. The experience taught them how to travel, how to keep in touch, how to keep up with mail, how to live in a small place with only bare necessities, and how to problem solve on the fly.

The Move To Panama And Life In The Azuero Peninsula

After a year on the road in the States, they were ready. They began getting all of their documents together and coordinating the logistics of a move like this. “How would we get ourselves, our stuff, our two dogs, and our two cats to Panama? How much luggage should we plan for?” they wondered.

They quickly realized that bringing their pets was this biggest challenge. After they thought they had everything figured out, they found out that the cage for one of the dogs was too big for the plane and that the cats had to go into cargo, not in the cabin. Then they found out that, if a plane is too full, they can bump the animals, even at the last minute, with no notice. In the end, they decided to hire a pet relocation company, and they were glad they did.

Finally in Panama, they decided to begin their new lives with some language study. They found a Spanish-immersion program in Pedasí, a nice little town on the east coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula. They were able to find a small house that they rented for US$600 per month. It was basic living: no hot water, no oven, no washing machine, no closets, no TV.

“It was simple and basic, but we loved it. We had a great time,” they said.

21 Rent House

The small home they rented in Pedasi.

After a few months in Pedasí learning Spanish, they were ready to move closer to Los Islotes, where they planned their house. They initially moved to Sante Fé, a quiet mountain town in Veraguas. Now they have moved to Palo Seco, which is where they will be until their home is finished.

Back in late April, Kathleen and I received an email from Peg and April announcing that they officially broke ground and started construction on their home. In spite of all the challenges that moving to a new country presented, these ladies endured, pushed through, and are now well on their way to achieving their dream of a retirement home overlooking the Pacific. We’re excited for them and look forward to having them as our neighbors at Los Islotes.

2015-07-19 05

Construction on Peg and April’s home at Los Islotes.

2015-06-18 05

Construction crew working on their home.

Lastly, we have had a few people sign up for the upcoming Discover Los Islotes Weekend Tour, scheduled for Aug. 28-31. However, we still have some spots available. You can go here for the Discover Los Islotes Weekend itinerary.

If you are truly interested in purchasing a lot in Los Islotes, then this is a perfect opportunity to see the property in person so that you can gather some intel and make an informed decision.

The cost of the tour is US$450 per person and US$575 per couple. This includes airport pickup and drop-off, transportation, accommodations for three nights, meals, activities, and taxes. Note that, should you choose to invest in Los Islotes, the cost of the tour is deducted from your purchase price.

Once again if you are interested in participating in the upcoming program, I encourage you to reserve your spot today. We’re keeping this a very small group.

Get in touch with my Marketing Assistant Omar Best at to make your reservation.

P.S. CNN Money featured Peg and April in an article this month “How Do You Retire On $25,600 A Year?” where they discuss their monthly budget, acquiring Panamanian residency, and life in Panama. Check out the article here.

10 Los Islotes Panama FAQ’s

Over the past couple of days I’ve received several emails from individuals with questions regarding Los Islotes. Though I’ve answered their questions individually, I thought it’d be helpful to list the most frequently asked questions with answers as these may be some questions that you may have as well…

Below are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about Los Islotes:

1. Where is Los Islotes located?

Los Islotes is located on the western side of the Azuero Peninsula in the Veraguas province of Panama. The closest major city is Santiago which is a little over an hour away. Los Islotes is over five hours from Panama City. See Los Islotes on Google Maps here

2. What is the weather like at Los Islotes?

The sun shines year around in Panama. Although this is a tropical climate with high humidity, the temperatures vary according to location and altitude. On a typical day the temperatures range from 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the early morning to a maximum of 86 in the afternoon. The temperatures on the Pacific side of Panama, where Los Islotes is located, are lower than on the Caribbean and, typically, you will experience a nice cool breeze in the evening.

3. What will the monthly HOA fees be?

We are anticipating that the monthly HOA fees will be between US$150 and US$200. 

4. What is the timeframe to build your home should you buy a lot?

You will have three years to begin construction on your home from the time infrastructure (electricity, water, etc…) reaches your lot. There are exemptions in certain areas of the project like Mango Village.

5. How does the current 0% developer financing work?

The current developer financing that we offer is 20% down with the balance to be paid quarterly over 36 months. This financing offer ends tonight.

There is no financing available in the Mango Village section of Los Islotes but we are offering a 20% discount for buyers paying cash in full on any lot. This is the best cash discount we’ve offered and it ends tonight.

6. What is the estimated cost of construction per square meter?

The cost of construction per square meter will ultimately depend on your preferences. However, we estimate that construction costs will range from US$1,000 to US$1,500 per square meter (US$90 to US$140 per square foot).

7. Can I qualify for Panamanian residency or citizenship if I purchase a lot at Los Islotes?

After your lot has been paid in full and title has been received, your purchase would qualify you for residency. However, Panama has several residency options including the Friendly Nations Visa, which you can take advantage of if you are looking for residency in the short-term.

8. Will there be condos at Los Islotes?

We are currently working with an architect to get the preliminary condo plans finalized. Our plan is to launch the condos in early 2016.

9. Are the any beachfront lots available for purchase?

There are no beachfront lots available for purchase. The beachfront land has been reserved for future hotel, condos, and common areas. However, there are several lots available with spectacular ocean views.

10. How difficult is it to obtain medical care if needed?

At Los Islotes, we plan to have a small medical clinic on-site in the town center to take care of minor emergencies. Additionally, there is an international-standard, 300-bed hospital that has been recently remodeled and is about an hour away in Santiago.

If you have any additional questions or would like to take advantage of our current 0% interest financing offer before it expires, then get in touch with one of our sale consultants here

Listen In Now: The Latest At Los Islotes And The Panama Azuero Coast Live Call REPLAY

Here is the “Discover Los Islotes And The Panama Azuero Coast” live call REPLAY if you would like to listen in on the conversation.

On this call, Kathleen and I discuss why we decided to build on the western side of the Azuero Peninsula, the progress of the Founder’s Lodge, the turnkey opportunities available, building a community, and more…

Listen to the REPLAY below:

Listen or download the audio version of the conversation here.

Finally, to take advantage of our current developer financing and special discount before it’s too late get in touch with one of our sales consultants here.

Major Infrastructure Progress At Los Islotes–And Closing Window For 0% Interest Offer

Things are getting exciting at Los Islotes.

A couple of weeks back we received delivery of our water, storm water, and sewer pipes, meaning we have been able to officially begin our non-road infrastructure work. This work had been delayed because Project Manager Gary Moseley struggled to find a company in Panama able to supply us with the right materials and to connect and install the pipes properly.

Finally, Gary has found an outfit in Panama City that is able to provide both the products and the expertise we need. We are installing state-of-the-art infrastructure and systems at Los Islotes, in some cases using strategies that are not common in this country. This adds a layer of challenge but will pay off in big and important ways long term.

Since identifying the right people to do the work, Gary has wasted no time getting to it. To date almost 2,000 feet of pipe have been installed. This is not easy work. Each pipe has to be cleaned and then lubed before it can be connected and secured. In addition to the pipe, Gary’s crew is also installing water valves and tees and has begun work on the construction of the pump station.

Usually this time of year, the rains limit productivity. However, this year Gary and his crew continue to push forward, and Kathleen and I are thrilled about the progress they’re making.

Here are some pictures Gary sent this weekend of the infrastructure work currently under way at Los Islotes:

Gary's Crew Prepping

Gary’s crew prepping for pipe installation.

Lubing The Pipes

Los Islotes crew member lubing the pipes before installation.

Connecting The Pipe

Los Islotes crew members securing pipe connection.

Water Pipe Connected

A section of completed pipe installation.

Last month, as a result of all the infrastructure progress and construction momentum building, we announced that the 20% down, 0% interest, pre-construction financing is going away.

The pre-construction phase has ended and as Los Islotes moves into its next stage of growth so is our financing package. We’ll still offer developer financing on lots in Phase One, but with new terms. We’ll now require 50% down, and financing will come with an interest rate of 6%. The remaining 50% will be paid in quarterly installments over three years. The new terms won’t go into effect until June 30.

If you have been considering purchasing at Los Islotes but haven’t got in touch, the window of opportunity to take advantage of our current developer financing terms is closing fast. You have until June 30 to get in on the 20% down/0% interest offer.

Further, we have also included a special offer for potential buyers looking for optimal pricing rather than financing terms. That is, up until the June 30 deadline, we are also offering a 20% discount for buyers wishing to pay in full upfront. Currently, lots start at $29,000. Take advantage of the 20% discount for paying cash in full, and that lot becomes available for only $23,200. This is the best cash discount we’ve ever offered and it’s off the table come June 30.

Again, if you’ve been considering Los Islotes, now is the time to take action. The progress to date and new construction taking place in addition to all the attention that our coast is attracting from the Panamanian government will translate into appreciating values in the very near term.

Get in touch here to take advantage of our current developer financing and special discount before it’s too late.

Last Chance For 20% Down, 0% Interest Financing At Los Islotes

The dirt continues to fly at Los Islotes, as Project Manager Gary Mosley carries on cutting new roads, improving the drainage of the main roads, and installing the underground infrastructure. Our Founder’s Lodge is well under way, and lot owners have begun work on their homes, as well. Meantime, we’re finalizing the construction plans for five casitas in Mango Village and speaking with an architect about plans for our first condo buildings.

With all the progress to date and construction momentum building, the management team at Los Islotes has decided to make a change to do with the developer financing we’ve been offering during the pre-construction period of the project. Los Islotes is moving into its next stage of growth and so is our financing package.

That is, the pre-construction phase has ended, and the 20% down, 0% interest pre-construction financing is going away. We’ll still offer developer financing on lots in Phase One, but with new terms. We’ll now require 50% down, and financing will come with an interest rate of 6%. The remaining 50% will be paid in quarterly installments over three years.

Those are very reasonable terms, better than you’d get from a local bank… but they don’t compete with 20% down and zero interest.

Our sales team is mid-conversation with many who are interested in purchasing at Los Islotes taking advantage of the current, pre-construction financing terms. We don’t want to pull the rug out from under potential new investors and neighbors, so we are offering a window of opportunity before eliminating the current financing offer. The new terms won’t go into effect until June 30.

If you have been considering purchasing at Los Islotes but haven’t yet gotten in touch, this is your last chance. You have until June 30 to get in on the 20% down/0% interest offer. That is the deadline for signing a purchase contract under the current developer financing terms (which, frankly, qualify as the best developer financing you’re going to find in Panama and likely in all of Central America).

As we approach the June 30 deadline, we have also decided to include a special offer for potential buyers looking for optimal pricing rather than financing terms. Specifically, I am very happy to be able to announce that, up until the June 30 deadline, we are also offering a 20% discount for buyers wishing to pay in full upfront. Currently, lots start at $29,000. Take advantage of the 20% discount for paying cash in full, and that lot becomes available for only $23,200. This is a limited-time opportunity to take advantage of the best cash discount we’ve ever offered. Again, it’s off the table come June 30.

Our Coast Is Attracting Important Attention

Our western coast of the Azuero Peninsula is beginning to attract attention, as we’ve believed it would since we made our initial investment. The Panamanian government has voiced a long-term plan for improving tourism in this region, meaning an investment in improving infrastructure.

When the Minister of Tourism visited us at Los Islotes earlier this year, he told us that his team is building a tourism office in Mariato, our nearby town, and staffing it with three people, at least two of whom will speak English. While the tourism infrastructure has been improving since we first began spending time on this western Azuero coast, having an official tourism office will boost the level of services for every person visiting our Sunset Coast.

I’ll say it one more time. If you’ve been considering Los Islotes, now is the time to take action. Our coast is attracting important attention that is going to translate into appreciating values in the very near term.

Meantime, again, Los Islotes itself is pushing aggressively ahead into a next stage of development. Our current pre-construction financing offer, therefore, is being eliminated. You have a brief window to act before it’s too late.

Get in touch here for more details.

AAA Path Of Progress Opportunity At Los Islotes–Last Chance

As an experienced real estate investor who has bought and sold property in 21 countries, one important thing I look at when deciding whether or not to invest in a market is the path of infrastructure and development progress.

With Panama’s current administration focused on the Azuero Sunset Coast for development and investment in tourism growth, small business growth, and the improvement of health and education services, this region gets AAA path-of-progress marks right now.

Los Islotes is positioned smack in the center of all this attention and all this investment and will benefit enormously.

A couple of months back we announced the release of our first-ever commercial lots. We selected five lots in the Mango Village section of Phase One along the main road and easily accessible to everyone in the community as they drive in and out. Of the five lots we selected for this limited-time commercial offer, three were sold and two reserved in short order.

One of those final two reserved commercial lots has become available again. One individual who reserved decided to go with a residential lot instead after visiting the property. His change of plans is your opportunity. We had tremendous interest in these five commercial lots at the time, but only the limited inventory. If you weren’t able to get in on this offer originally, here’s your second chance.

The remaining commercial lot, which sits on the corner along the main road and the second entrance into Mango Village, is just about a quarter of an acre. Further, the lot is flat and zoned for lot-line construction, allowing for very efficient use of the land.

Though several houses are under construction, we recognize that the commercial phase of Los Islotes is a little ways down the road. This is why all the commercial lots have no build requirement. We have released these lots so that any entrepreneur with an inkling of an idea for a business to open at Los Islotes can position himself in a prime spot and at today’s prices.

In fact, because the lot is part of Mango Village, it could also be put to residential use if you preferred-that is, you could build a house, rather than a small business, on this lot. And, although the lot is zoned and available for commercial use, it is being offered at current residential pricing. Essentially, this lot is priced at least 25% cheaper than it should be.

The price of the lot, which is one of the largest of the five commercial lots offered, is just US$41,500.

This lot is ideal for an investor with a long-term plan. Buy now and position your future business in the best possible location at Los Islotes… or buy and hold for appreciation, which you’ll enjoy if for no other reason than the fact that the lot is underpriced by at least 25%.

To be clear, this is the last commercial lot available in Mango Village and one of the few chances you will see to invest in a commercial-use lot at residential prices with no build requirement.

I urge you, therefore, to get in touch with our Sales Consultant James Archer. You can reach him with your questions at

Get in touch with one of our sales consultants to learn more about Los Islotes here.