NEW! Mango Village Casitas

Not everyone is up for building his or her own home in a foreign country. Some folks would prefer something a whole lot more turnkey. After many, many months of designing and planning, that is precisely what we are now preparing to be able to offer.

Specifically, we’re undertaking the construction of a series of two-bedroom casitas, as we’re calling them, in the Mango Village section of Los Islotes.

We want to be able to offer a no-hassle, ready-to-move-into option for people interested in becoming part of the Los Islotes community but not up for buying a lot and building a custom house.

Second, we want these little houses to be special. We’re not interested in slapping cookie-cutter structures on the beautiful Los Islotes hillsides. We don’t want to build just any old little houses.

The big-picture vision for Los Islotes is to complement the extraordinary natural beauty of this coastal spot with just as impressive architectural achievements. Everything we build here will be in the traditional Spanish-colonial style. This means arched doorways and windows, whitewashed exterior walls, and red clay-tiled roofs. These elements will be part of all construction, from the Founder’s Lodge to the horse stables…and these new casitas.

A few models have been designed, one with a small courtyard in the back (another typically Spanish-colonial element) and the other for narrower lots. Take a look:

Download all the different Mango Village Casita models below:

Mango Village Casita 1B-1 

Mango Village Casita 1B-2 

Mango Village Casita 2B-1 

Mango Village Casita  2B-2  

While the designs for our new casitas have been completed, the construction plans are still in the works, meaning we haven’t yet pinned down final pricing. However, we don’t want to delay the launch of this important new phase any longer, so we’re making these new houses available pre-construction.

While I can’t now quote exact final prices for these first turnkey units at Los Islotes, I can tell you that we intend to bring them in under $200,000, including the lot fee.

Again, right now, the plan is to build just five of these houses. I strongly encourage you, therefore, if you’ve been watching from the sidelines, waiting for a hassle-free way to become part of the Los Islotes community, to get in touch right now. You can reserve your casita with a fully refundable deposit.

Get in touch with us to reserve your casita TODAY!