Why Pat Is Retiring To Panama’s Beautiful Pacific Coast

Pat Kloosterman and her husband, who was an engineer in Ohio, are now full time retirees. Their next step in the plan is to get their house finished in Los Islotes to be able to move down.

Pat Kloosterman, Los Islotes Lot Owner

“We started thinking about the big ‘where to retire’ question a couple of years ago,” Pat explains. “We took a survey online. Based on the criteria we entered, the recommended destination for us was Panama. It had everything we were looking for, including easy access back to the States and a tropical climate. Plus Panama uses the U.S. dollar. We liked that, too. So we decided to take a trip to see the place for ourselves.”

“When we got to Panama, we fell in love with the land itself. The ocean, the mountains, the valleys…it’s just beautiful. We wanted to be on the coast. Los Islotes, where we’ve bought a lot, is on the Pacific, but, where we’ve bought, we’re on a ridge that has views both of the ocean and of the mountains. We look one way and see the ocean. We look the other way and see the mountains. Really, we couldn’t imagine anything better. The whole situation…it’s just awesome…”

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