Social Responsibility

The management team understands that development requires observance of the needs of the environment, neighbors, local communities, and government regulations. Los Islotes will take into consideration all the community’s needs.

Environmental agency requirements have been the first consideration when creating the master plan and developing the property. In addition to adhering strictly to the requirements imposed by ANAM (the government office in charge of environmental issues), Los Islotes endeavors to include new development technologies within the community to reduce the environmental impact of the project.

Providing for a reduced environmental impact of the community will benefit the entire Los Islotes community. In an effort to assist the local communities and to become part of those communities, Los Islotes will create an endowment fund from 1% of all proceeds from land sales. This fund will be used to aid charitable organizations in the immediate vicinity of Los Islotes, as well as other organizations within Panama.

Focus areas will include children and health care. Any areas of improvement for schools and access to schools particularly in the immediate communities surrounding Los Islotes will be targeted. The developers will also work with local clinic facilities to improve the care and access to healthcare for the communities along the Azuero Sunset Coast.

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