Frequently Asked Questions

Construction prices at the moment are being quoted as low as $125/square foot for the type of construction quality expected at Los Islotes. 

Los Islotes is being designed in the Spanish colonial style. This means white stucco exterior walls and red clay tile roofs, for example. Los Islotes Architectural Guidelines provide further details of construction expectations and establish a set of required measures and standards for the design of all buildings within the community.

Building must begin within three years of water, wastewater, and electricity reaching your lot. Construction must be completed within 18 months from the start date.

HOA fees are $150 per month

Yes. Every owner is provided with a copy of these prior to title transfer.

The largest hospital is located in Santiago, 96 kilometers from Los Islotes. The clinic in Mariato, 42 kilometers away, can handle small emergencies and basic care.

Santiago, 96 kilometers from Los Islotes, has an airport, available for use by private planes. Panama City’s main international airport, Tocumen Airport, is 368 kilometers from Los Islotes.

You’ll find U.S.-standard groceries in Santiago, 96 kilometers away. Mariato, 42 kilometers from Los Islotes, has three convenience stores where you can shop for basic supplies, including meat and vegetables. In addition, a convenience store is 4 kilometers away in the town of Quebro.

We can provide a list of builders available to build at Los Islotes.

Property Taxes: 

As of January 1 2019 the following tax rates for primary family residences will apply:

  1. 0% for homes valued under $120,000.00
  2. 0.5% for homes valued between $120,000 and $700,000
  3. 0.7% for homes valued over $700,000.00
  4. The following rates apply to weekend or holiday homes, investment, rental, commercial or industrial properties:
  5. 0% – less than $30,000
  6. 0.6% for properties valued between $30,000 to $250,000
  7. 0.8% fo properties valued between $250,000 to $500,000
  8. 1.0% for properties valued over $500,000.00

A restaurant, bar, and gas station are located just 4 kilometers from Los Islotes’ front gate.