Our Team

Los Islotes is the vision of Lief Simon and Kathleen Peddicord.

Lief Simon has been living and investing overseas for more than 20 years. Kathleen Peddicord, the founder and publisher of the Live and Invest Overseas group, has more than three decades of experience scouting and investing in property markets around the world. The couple has been doing business in Panama since 2000, and they and their family have been living in Panama City full time since 2008. Lief and Kathleen know Panama well, and they, like so many, are more bullish on all this country has to offer today than ever.

The many benefits of being based in Panama include currency, business, and tax advantages the likes of which are harder and harder to find in our world. Lief and Kathleen know Panama, and they also know international real estate. The couple has bought, sold, managed, developed, and profited from property investments in 24 countries.

Lief Simon

Lief has managed multi-million-dollar portfolios of rental properties and was the developer’s representative for Rancho Santana, managing this multi-phase private residential development on the south Pacific coast of Nicaragua during the transition from start-up development to master-planned community. In his role with both International Living and Live and Invest Overseas, Lief has been responsible for negotiating and managing marketing agreements with developers all over the world. He has lived and worked on five continents and traveled to more than 60 countries.

Lief Simon

Kathleen, the founder and publisher of the Live and Invest Overseas group, has more than three decades of experience scouting and investing in property markets around the world. Kathleen has traveled to more than 50 countries, invested in real estate in 17, established businesses in 7, and renovated properties in 6. She has written innumerable books, reports, and essays on why and how you might want to do the same, and she has appeared often at conferences and on television and radio detailing the opportunities for living, retiring, and investing around the world.

Kathleen Peddicord

Kathleen Peddicord

To help make their vision for Los Islotes a reality...

Lief and Kathleen have enlisted the help of professional designers, architects, and builders with long experience developing the kind of product being created at Los Islotes, including:

Master Planning


Founded in 1978, LandDesign is a collaborative group of landscape architects, civil engineers, planners, and urban designers that approach projects with unique expertise and diverse perspectives but with a shared goal to create places that matter. This is the context that LandDesign brings to Los Islotes. 

Environmental Consultants


Since 1994, Ingemar has been recognized as a top environmental planning and impact consultant in Panama and has worked with some of the biggest and most respected development projects in the country


Arosemana & Soundy

Arosemena & Soundy is a Casco Viejo-based architectural design firm of passionate professionals with a broad array of experience in New York, Chicago, London, Panama, and beyond. These architectural design professionals believe that good architecture is timeless, not a passing fashion. Their work is driven by a commitment to beauty, propriety, and permanence.



Los Islotes is currently working with three builders. We can provide you with their contact information.


F G Guardia

F.G. Guardia is an engineering and architectural design company with more than three decades of experience. F.G. Guardia specializes in several sectors—infrastructure, water, transportation, inspection, and the environment— and is at the forefront of wet infrastructure in Panama, having been responsible for several important local projects, from complex water distribution and sewage systems to water treatment plants and the conservation, maximization and protection of water resources.

Landscape Design

Carson-Magness Landscaping

Carson-Magness Landscapes is an award-winning California-based landscape design group that blends artistry and ecology to bring art and elegance to every project they undertake. This is a full-service landscape design, installation, and maintenance group with more than 20 years of experience bringing their passion for art and the environment to bear transforming communities and private homes into Edens of delight, serenity, and escape.

Social Responsibility

The management team understands that development requires observance of the needs of the environment, neighbors, local communities, and government regulations. Los Islotes will take into consideration all the community’s needs.

Environmental agency requirements have been the first consideration when creating the master plan and developing the property. In addition to adhering strictly to the requirements imposed by ANAM (the government office in charge of environmental issues), Los Islotes endeavors to include new development technologies within the community to reduce the environmental impact of the project.

Providing for a reduced environmental impact of the community will benefit the entire Los Islotes community. In an effort to assist the local communities and to become part of those communities, Los Islotes will create an endowment fund from 1% of all proceeds from land sales. This fund will be used to aid charitable organizations in the immediate vicinity of Los Islotes, as well as other organizations within Panama.

Focus areas will include children and health care. Any areas of improvement for schools and access to schools particularly in the immediate communities surrounding Los Islotes will be targeted. The developers will also work with local clinic facilities to improve the care and access to healthcare for the communities along the Azuero Sunset Coast.