The Azuero Sunset Coast…The Next Big Thing In Panama

At Los Islotes, the combination of long coastline, two beaches, undulating terrain providing for far-reaching views, community town center, and five-star amenities, services, and utilities is unparalleled.

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The Copleys Move To Mango Village in Los Islotes

In 2007 my husband Tom and I planned a vacation in Cancún. Then, in October, weeks before our trip, the hotel was damaged by a hurricane. We decided to change our plans. Looking at the map, we picked Panama as our replacement destination… primarily because, we realized, it doesn’t get hurricanes.  We arrived in Panama […]

Rancho Playa- Panama Jack’s Beachfront Bar

  Yesterday, Kathleen and I spent the day at the beach. This was a bigger deal than that simple statement might suggest… because it was a day at our beach. More than that, it was our first day at our new Los Islotes Rancho Playa. We’ve spent many days at our Los Islotes beaches, of […]

Steps For Your Move To Los Islotes

Steps For Your Big Move To Los Islotes Los Islotes officially has two residents. We made the big move on March 8th and are all settled into our little piece of paradise. Lief and Kathleen have also moved into the Founders’ Lodge and have spent lots of time there during the last month. We hope that many of you […]

Your First Neighbors Have Moved In…

Your First Neighbors Have Moved In… “Señora Kathleen, come see,” Dalys called to me from outside. “I got up from my desk and followed the sound of her voice. She was standing off to the side of our little Los Islotes office with a bright grin. “What is it, Dalys?” I asked. “Look, Señora Kathleen, […]