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Steps For Your Move To Los Islotes

Steps For Your Big Move To Los Islotes
Los Islotes officially has two residents. We made the big move on March 8th and are all settled into our little piece of paradise. Lief and Kathleen have also moved into the Founders’ Lodge and have spent lots of time there during the last month. We hope that many of you will be joining us soon so along that vein I thought I would use this month’s newsletter to give you the details on how to proceed when you are ready to make the big move.

Here\’s what you need to know:

Your New Life At Los Islotes In 6 Easy Steps

1)     Title Transfer: We have successfully transferred title to several lots in Phase 1. It has been a difficult and painful process and we are now on our third attorney in an effort to streamline the process. The difficulties began in January of 2017 when the DGI (Panama’s tax authority) updated its computer system. We think the kinks are finally worked out, but time will tell. Mango Village properties are being registered now and we should be able to transfer title on those soon.

2)     Survey & Cleaning: The first step in planning your home will be to get a topographical survey to get the lay of the land. We have a topographer on staff that can do this for you for $750.00. Dalys can facilitate this when you are ready. Dalys can also schedule to have your lot cleaned for $300. This is a good idea if you are planning a visit and want to walk your property.

3)     House Design: Be sure to review the Architectural Guidelines with your architect. They can be downloaded here. All the homes in Los Islotes must be Spanish Colonial in design with red clay tile roofs. Key points for the exterior are window styles and arches.

4)    Architectural Committee: Once you have house plans they need to be approved by the architectural committee (download the submission forms here). They will be reviewed for exterior design as well as placement on the lot.

5)     Permits: To get the necessary building permits the architectural plans need to be either created or approved by a licensed Panamanian architect. You will need permits from the Mariato Municipality and the Veraguas Fire Department.

6)     Builders: We currently have two builders that have been to the project, met with Lief, have references and speak English. The search continues as there are a number of builders in and around Santiago. Both of these builders have architects on staff.

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